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  1. Automat Industries makes thoughtfully designed products for micro-irrigation systems that deliver the best performance for national and international markets. WhatsApp on: +
  2. Automat definition, a type of self-service restaurant in which customers obtain food from small compartments by depositing the required number of coins in .
  3. The Automat is not really different because but it was established in the early twentieth century in New York. It was really a great and revolutionary was of eating although many people don’t know about how The Automat works right now.
  4. Automat. Profile: Italian one-album duo with veteran songwriters - producers from the progressive rock era. Their album is an electronic disco-tinged suite with an alien - futuristic concept. Sites: trusgivawhirepiriwechbinadardmont.coinfo Members: Claudio Gizzi, Romano Musumarra. Variations: Viewing All.
  5. Automat, any of a chain of cafeterias in New York City and Philadelphia, where low-priced prepared food and beverages were obtained, especially from coin-operated compartments. Joseph V. Horn and Frank Hardart opened their first lunchroom in Philadelphia in , and ten years later they.
  6. Dec 24,  · The Automat in CAD December 24, New Showtime December 23, The New Braimex Automat December 22, Photo Gallery December 21, Original Automat December 20, Photos December 19, Automat Chairs December 18, Automat Spouts December 17, Automat in Articles December 16, Automat in Film.
  7. Define automat. automat synonyms, automat pronunciation, automat translation, English dictionary definition of automat. n. A cafeteria or restaurant in which food is dispensed from vending machines. n 1. Also called: vending machine a machine that automatically dispenses.
  8. Feb 16,  · Automat is a library for concise, idiomatic Python expression of finite-state automata (particularly deterministic finite-state transducers). Read more here, or on Read the Docs, or watch the following videos for an overview and presentation.

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