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Time To Disobey


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  1. In case you missed it, MacArthur provided a wonderful statement affirming: Christ’s lordship over governments; our duty to disobey governments when governments forbid worship; and the government’s lack of jurisdiction over a church’s doctrine, practice, and polity. Plus, pastors do well to learn from MacArthur’s example of courage.
  2. “No one is ever allowed to disobey the pope. Period.” The statement is made repeatedly on social media, usually in an attempt to end a debate. It’s taken as a given. No sources cited, no documentation provided. It’s merely assumed. It is, after all, obvious. But is it? Does the Catholic.
  3. Feb 02,  · Time to Dis-Obey. Coburn says the Obey Connection doesn’t pass the smell test. By. Ross Kaminsky. on. February 2, Facebook Twitter Email Print. The son of House Appropriations Committee’s Chairman wants something in the “stimulus” bill for his special interest, and Democratic rank and file may be in no mood to dis-Obey.
  4. Aug 06,  · LA Mayor Will Cut Power, Water To Homes And Businesses That Disobey Him. August 6, By Jordan Davidson. which usually are not one-time offenders but .
  5. dis·o·bey (dĭs′ə-bā′) v. dis·o·beyed, dis·o·bey·ing, dis·o·beys trusgivawhirepiriwechbinadardmont.coinfo To refuse or fail to follow an order or rule. trusgivawhirepiriwechbinadardmont.coinfo To refuse or fail to obey (an order or rule). [Middle English disobeien, from Old French desobeir, from Vulgar Latin *disobedīre: Latin dis-, dis- + Latin oboedīre, to obey; see obey.] disobey .
  6. May 24,  · When we are young, our parents represent the authority of God to us. In a way, they stand in for God for a time. We first learn to obey and submit to God by obeying and submitting to our parents. That means, for those of you living at home, how you submit to the authority of your mom and dad is how you submit to God.
  7. Jul 23,  · Josh Teis is a Las Vegas based pastor/church planter who is passionate about sharing ideas to help spur on the next generation of leaders. He is pastor of Southern Hills Baptist Church in Southwest Las Vegas and is the leader behind the nationwide pastor’s conference, Idea Day.

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