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  1. The NIMBUS Budget Transaction Request (BTR) tool lets you submit mid-year budget reallocations directly into the NIMBUS system, reducing data entry steps .
  2. NIMBUS® Advanced Process Cooling is dedicated to providing smart cooling solutions to facilities and operations ready to BE BLUE by reducing water consumption and protecting the world's most precious resource. NIMBUS' cooling systems only introduce a conservative amount of fresh water into the cooling process when necessary, and eliminate the.
  3. Nimbus Coffee is the new Harry Potter themed coffee shop in LA! Serve me lattes and casts some spells on me won't ya?! The cafe is not an official Harry Potter property, but more of an homage to J.K. Rowling's iconic series, with whimsical decor and details.4/5().
  4. Use Nimbus Capture to record videos of your entire desktop or browser tabs, or create videos using your webcam. Take screenshots to capture full web pages—or part of a web page. Save time from writing by creating visual media to communicate instead. Record and Annotate Capture Web Pages Edit and Share.
  5. fans are inevitably disappointed when the nimbus of glamour about their favorite celebrity turns out to be an illusion the nimbi for the sculpted figures around the exterior of the church are simple disks about .
  6. The same bristle technology used in our Nimbus® toothbrushes in a smaller size that is perfect for children and travel. Nimby® is gentle, effective and safe.
  7. Halo (religious iconography), also known as Nimbus, a ring of light surrounding a person in a piece of art Nimbus (literary magazine), published in London (–58) Nimbus , a flying broom from the Harry Potter series Nimbus, a spaceship captained by Zapp Brannigan in the animated series Futurama.
  8. nimbus definition: 1. dark grey cloud that often produces rain or snow 2. dark gray cloud that often produces rain or. Learn more.

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